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Airwheel2016 28/03/2016 09h50

Special points of Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 first released CeBIT 2016
Airwheel is a worldwide famous scooter-maker. In the previous new product release announcement, all new products released by Airwheel were the intelligent self-balancing scooters. This time, Airwheel behaved in the different ways, pushing out a new product of electric robot. This artificial intelligence robot came as an eye-opener. This deed gave a surprise to the players of Airwheel and the current market.
The second surprise lies in the technology of artificial intelligence. Airwheel got its first try-out of technology of artificial intelligence in Airwheel S9. The two-wheeled self-balancing robot can avoid the obstacle before it smoothly. At the same time, it can map its route itself. The built-in intelligent system makes it different from other robot.
Airwheel claimed that it would provide more external devices to this artificial intelligence robot. These external devices will enhance the fun of Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot and more importantly it will beef up the functions of Airwheel S9. In the future, it might be used for cleaning, mopping and working as a sensor. The previous models of electric self-balancing scooter are a preliminary step forward to AI. Now Airwheel S9 represents a new stride in the field of AI. It also proves the power and strength of Airwheel to innovate and originate. :):)

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